What is Bungalow Supply Co.?

Lehne Runyon, Founder & CEO

Lehne Runyon, Founder & CEO


Bungalow Supply Co. refers to our ideals as people with a passion for humanity and strengthening as a society.  We have always, like many people, had a heart for those in need and a want for the better.  With very little effort did it take us to realize that the increase of needs has far exceeded the available resources, we decided it was time to make our mark.

Our effort began in 2016 after learning you lose up to fifty percent of your body heat having an uncovered head. Our initial idea was a simple buy one-give one model donating beanies to the homeless.  In March of 2016 we made our first purchased and quickly had our first sale. This was just the beginning of our journey.

With Spring approaching, we needed another way to ease the suffering of those living on the streets and decided we would add other apparel spreading the message of  kindness, all while donating 30% of profits towards helping the homeless.

We understand that our beanies aren’t going to end homelessness, but they can help alleviate the everyday struggle of staying warm during the cold bitter months of winter. And even more so, we hope to bring awareness and compassion to those living without a home.