Our Partners

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OSU Starhouse - Columbus, Ohio

Star House is a drop-in center for homeless youth in Central Ohio. We help transitional youth get connected and reconnected with the community. Star House offers a safe place for homeless youth to seek services and begin to establish trust in order to access stabilizing resources such as housing, counseling, and employment opportunities.  Because most services are not all within geographic proximity of a homeless youth, Star House provides a distinctive opportunity for those youth to receive integrated behavioral, social, and healthcare services all at one site.


Dignity Project - Philadelphia, Pennyslvania

The Dignity Project started from humble beginnings from a Gofundme with a goal of $500 to do random acts of kindness for the homeless. The goal was reached in 3 days and she took a homeless man out to lunch. After posting his story, the reaction was overwhelming. Donations poured in and she came up with an idea to hand out “Dignity Bags,” which are filled with essential toiletries as well as hand warmers, socks and gloves for those living on the streets of Philadelphia.